WWCode Connect San Francisco 2019

Back in April 2019, I had the most amazing trip of a lifetime to San Francisco! πŸŒ‰Where I attended the Women Who Code CONNECT conference with my co-director, Beth. Connect is an annual conference hosted by the global Women Who Code team. This conference invites chapters from all over the world to connect with one another.

Connect Leadership Summit

The first event of the trip was the Leadership Summit. Upon arrival, we were greeted by many leads from Women Who Code and were given a lot of amazing merch for the Belfast Chapter! 😍 During the day, there were many workshops where we worked with other leads and directors. There were 30+ chapters that attended from all over the world – How awesome!

Some workshops that we worked through were;

  • Diversity, inclusion and equity session. My main takeaway from this session was that many people can easily make assumptions straight away about people. You cannot assume you know someone until you get to know them. WWCode open doors and change that perspective and help change the face of tech across the world. We were split up into different groups and given a list of words and descriptions that all fall under diversity, inclusion and equity and we had to match these up. 
  • Leadership workshop where we learned about the WWCode leadership mindset. During this session, we discussed different leadership mindsets such as Strategic, Team, Innovative, Reflective, Presence, Inclusive, Responsible and Learning. This session was great because it encouraged us all to write up our own personal leadership plan on our goals for the next six months. We picked accountability buddies to review this with later in the year.
  • We worked through a Technical Tracks session where we brainstormed many ideas for the new global tracks. There are six different tracks such as; Blockchain, Python. Mobile. Front End, Cloud and Data Science. Their aim is to do monthly events and live stream these online. WWCode wants to create an online community involve people from all over the world and have a wide variety of speakers from different cities. 

Connect Conference

The following day was the CONNECT 2019 conference. It was hosted at the Pinterest HQ. Never in a million years did I think that I would be in the headquarters of Pinterest (It’s one of my FAVOURITE apps!). Pinterest has helped inspire people throughout the world. I personally have gained a lot of home decor inspiration from it. 

The day started with Alaina opening and announcing that WWCode have 180,000 members worldwide, how awesome is that? Women Who Code have reached out to so many individuals across the world! ❀️*UPDATE: We now have over 200,000 members!! *πŸ˜„πŸŒŸ

Alaina, CEO of Women Who Code announcing WWCode have 180,000 Members

Afterwards, the keynote speakers; Candice and Tara gave fantastic talks. Candice gave a talk on inclusion at Pinterest and Tara gave her talk which inspired me in so many ways, one of her quotes that stuck to me was β€œWe’re not faking it, we’re making it!”. There were many tech companies that sponsored and attended, they had so much swag to give us all 😍 My favourite had to be the Netflix laptop stickers. The day was full of talks and workshops throughout the day, I found it difficult to pick which ones to attend as they all sounded fantastic!

I especially loved the WWCode Directors Panel as I was able to learn so much about other chapters throughout the world which inspired Beth and I to try new events in Belfast. Our coffee mornings idea came from this panel. My main takeaways from this panel session are;

  • Each city is so unique and work so differently from one another. 
  • We should have more social events, possibly fortnightly/weekly events 

Thank-you to the Women Who Code team, volunteers, organisers, sponsors, speakers and anyone involved in making this opportunity happen. I’m overwhelmed by how much I have taken away from this trip.

We rise by lifting others πŸŒŸβ€

I was a HUGE Charmed fan when I was younger, and It was a childhood dream of mine to visit SF one day 😍

Golden Gate Bridge Candid πŸ“Έ

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