Improving Team Onboarding with Notion

We are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing what applications to use for storing documents, managing events, and keeping track of work. Onboarding seven new team members (Leads and Evangelists) was going to be a challenge, primarily since we use many different tools and platforms to manage our communications. My co-director Beth and I wanted to try out this new tool that we both heard about — Notion, to experiment and see if it could solve problems we currently had for WWCode Belfast. 

What is Notion? 

Notion, first of all, is a complete lifesaver — It is an escape tool to tab overload! It is a great project management tool where users can create their own space to get things done. In this all-in-one workspace, users can write, plan, collaborate, get organised, and it allows users to take notes, add tasks, wikis, project management and more.

 Its core features are:

  • Documents
  • Wikis
  • Task Tracker 
  • Calendar

But what about everything we already have in place? It’s going to take forever to transfer everything from Trello and G-Drive? 

Luckily, Notion allows users to import from Trello, G-drive and many other applications. 😍 It allows users to set it up whatever way they like!


Notion provides an easy to use wiki page which helps create a central knowledge base, and it is basically like a new long term memory 😜 It helps teams find essential documents and pages without taking forever to find.

Wiki works like known applications such as confluence or Githubwiki! (But it is much more user-friendly and… well pretty!)

Task Management 

Task Management is easier than ever with Notion. It is very similar to the application Trello, but better!

Users can keep track of events on our ‘Events Planning’ page and can assign team members to specific events or tasks (Just like Trello!).

I personally like how each task/card creates a page. I find this feature awesome, as users can add meeting notes, checklists, comments, etc.. to one card.

Shared Docs

Notion provides an easy way to share documents with the team. Users can keep track of all team minutes and upload them to a page. It works like Evernote and Google docs.


It also provides a shared calendar for users to put in important dates to share with their team! 

Notion has many features and templates ready for users!

Use emojis to your heart’s content

I’m a huge emoji fan and so is Notion, you can select icon emojis for everything! For our team, we made a team directory page where everyone can select their favourite emoji. 

Does it take long to set up?

It is effortless to use, and it did not take long to set it up the way it works for us. There are many templates available. You could spend hours upon hours trying them out.

Is it free? 

It is free; however, the free plan does have a storage cap (1000 content blocks), but we have not hit that cap yet! So there is plenty of storage space with the free tier. There is personal, team or enterprise options available.

Personal Takeaway

This app is fantastic for event management. It was very easy to explain to the team where everything is and it improves our team’s communication. I fell in love with this app instantly and even started using it for personal use, such as task management, goals and general everyday notes. Definitely recommend it, you should give it a try! 

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