About Me

Hi, I’m Sapphire!

My first name is actually Nicole but I’ve never been called by my first name. My mum and dad gave me Sapphire as my second name and decided to call me it instead since I was a baby.

I’m from the land of the dark hedges – Northern Ireland! I love where I come from. I used to desperately want to move away as I’m a huge fan of travelling (like my mum) but I’ve grown to love it here. Besides I now have a house here, two beautiful pets; Archie and Leno and an amazing partner!

This is my Cockapoo Archie!

For the past few years, I’ve desperately wanted to start a blog for many reasons. I did have one a few years ago but I struggled to keep up with it while at university and was too worked up over it. So here I am starting my second blog adventure! I want to blog because for the last five years I have had many amazing adventures and learned a-lot of things I would like to share with other people. I also want to do it for myself so I can keep track of my experiences during my life (It will also force me to write blogs to keep these memories).

During the day, I work in tech as an AI Engineer at Kainos. I recently graduated from Queen’s University Belfast with a BSc Business Information Technology Inc Professional Experience.

I’m a true believer that anything can be learnt once you put your mind to it with extreme determination 💪. I didn’t know which path to take when I was at university because with Business Information Technology it was hard to choose! I went from a Program Manager -> Trainee Product Owner (in my placement year) -> Software Engineer and now im an AI Engineer! 💻

The tech world amazed me so much when I first started out in it. Although I was so overwhelmed by how much there was out there to learn, all these buzzwords were so new to me at the time. I attended my first meetup in Belfast and instantly fell in love with learning new things and I soon realised it’s impossible to know everything, and it’s ok to not know it all. I was determined to keep learning in areas I was interested in and the tech community helped me out alot! I then became passionate about teaching other people and began volunteering in the Belfast tech community, I public speak, run workshops, run networking events and also attend really awesome events! I was in QCS for a few years during university as well as a Peer Mentor for my course, CoderDojo mentor where I helped kids to learn how to code, Charged Collaborator, co-organiser of Women Techmakers and even a Cheerleader at one time. Most importantly, I became passionate about wanting to inspire women to excel in their technology careers and became the Director of Women Who Code Belfast last year.

Me speaking at a WWCode event 😊

Although I enjoy and love what I do in the tech world, I do have other cool interests. I love cooking, I try out new recipes all the time so I will be sharing many of my favourite recipes. I am a yoga enthusiast and LOVE being on the mat.

I love trying out new things all the time. I’m so bad for 5-minute wonders.. One minute I want to Vlog then the next I want to Jump on a plane to anywhere(I did do this one day) – I just get excited with cool things around me. I have the ‘Just go for it’ mentality. My partner does too which can be dangerous! That’s kind of how we got our dog, and how we jumped on a plane to somewhere else that day! Life’s too short to sit around and ‘want’ to do things – just do it as Nike would say! 👀